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Logo with Effects

Better bong water

Art direction by Katey Stafford

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is rapidly growing. Therefore, when I was asked to create and illustrate packaging for any can, I knew I wasn’t just going to stick to soda. I chose to dream up a line of flavored bong waters, because why use tap, when you can do better? 


I intended to use this illustration assignment to experiment with color, type, and a new style. After researching vintage band posters, I just had to try out this 70’s psychedelic look. The illustration style came naturally, as I literally began to go with the flow of things. However, nailing the color palettes was a challenge as I wanted each flavor to have a unique appearance, but for all to share the same bright radiance. I then began to adapt a typeface by hand for not only the flavor name, but for type on the back side of the can as well. In my opinion this allowed for a great relationship between the type and illustration, and brought the design together as a whole.

Better Bong Water Long Label-08.jpg
Custom Label Blue.jpg
Custom Label Yellow.jpg
Custom Label Pink.jpg
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