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Graphic Design



Logo with Effects

pHL: the guide by locals for locals

Art direction by Bryan satalino

After moving to a new city, it can take quite a while for it to feel like “home”; before you know all the cool spots to hang out, the tasty restaurants to eat at, and where to find the best views. Sure, you can always google it or place your trust in a touristy brochure, but wouldn’t it be nice if all of that information was curated and packaged up just for you? Philadelphia has so much to offer, and so much that I wish I was aware of when I first moved here.


PHL is the guide made by locals, for locals. Still in progress, the guide is a hybrid of digital and physical information. The package itself will include a QR card linking to the website, a large map poster, Philadelphia specific vocabulary cards, coupons, and more! The website will serve as the guide itself, interactive and mobile for on-the-go use. Users can use the website to explore Philly's finest in different neighborhoods and learn how to get around using public transit.

*This is an in progress project.

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