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Graphic Design



Logo with Effects

I Voted Sticker

Art direction by Bryan satalino

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Philadelphia's City Commissioners Office partnered with the School District of Philadelphia to host a competition open to all students and residents of Philadelphia. I heard about this "I Voted” sticker contest in our Hatchery class, a course designed to provide students with real life design experience.


My parents happened to be visiting for the weekend, and I took them out for a snowy day in the city. Between lunch at Reading Terminal Market and dinner by Rittenhouse Square, we explored as I brainstormed concept after concept. These then became sketches, and over the course of a couple weeks with critique from my professor and classmates, they became final designs. I wanted my designs to capture the spirit of Philly, and decided to enter my city hall design into the contest. Everyone in my class entered, joining over 150 total entries which ranged from kindergarteners to professional graphic designers. Nine finalists were selected by a panel of judges from their respective categories and public voting began. 


I was happy just being a finalist, and the fact that I won is still surreal to me even after election day. It was an honor to be even a small part of this historical election, especially in a state and city that became so important to the results.

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