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graphic design



Logo with Effects

meet the band: Fleetwood Mac

Art direction by rodd Whitney

For this Advanced Graphic Design assignment, my classmates and I were asked to create a catalog about a famous musician or group. Fleetwood Mac has been one of my favorite bands for as far back as I can remember, therefore it was an easy choice. We were then required to match our chosen artist with a design period or movement, and use this style as inspiration as we designed our catalogs. I chose the anti-art Dada movement. This style breaks away from traditional art aesthetics and rational, and relies heavily on combining found objects, typography, and other materials through collage. I found this to be the perfect pairing as the band itself seemed to exist as a real life collage as its many members came and went.


Dada goes against all my perfectionist tendencies, and this was a challenge for me as I began this project. However as I began to experiment with layout, typography, and photo treatments, I really enjoyed the process. As a designer I think it is important to make yourself uncomfortable, as you never know what is possible until you do.

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Spread 3.jpg
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